I went to this travelling exhibition last friday night.

lastest book found at the reading room
harry potter and the philosopher's stone

I invented this board game
about the primitive man

the thing i'm reading on this vlog
i wrote it when i applied for that program
you know that one

just a 'bit' geek.. get it? get it?

❀🌺 Update April 2018 🌺❀
i danced last sunday
and decided to make a little update on my vlog
❀🌺 Aloha 🌺❀

I recently painted this thing
I titled it "Elements"

Pinté esto hace unos días
lo llamo "Elementos"

i went to this photo exhibit
that’s also an art installation by Mikel Archila

because apple it's a verb and everybody knows it 🍏💚